Get started with Intune 2024

What’s Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune stands at the core of modern IT strategy as a leading cloud-based endpoint management solution that supports organizations worldwide in controlling and managing user access to critical corporate resources. In an era where work flexibility is highly valued and mobile devices as well as remote workstations have become the norm, the ability to securely manage a variety of devices and applications plays a crucial role in business success. Intune provides a comprehensive platform that not only enables the management of mobile devices and desktop computers but also integrates virtual endpoints to ensure a consistent and secure user experience across all device types and operating systems.



Supported Operating Systems






Admin Center

  1. Sidebar
    • Home: Homepage – This page
    • Dashboard: Customizable statuspage
    • All Services: Overview of all Services including customizable favorites
    • Devices: Link to device panel, with all available functions for your devices
    • Apps: All apps deployed with Intune
    • Endpoint Security: Endpoint Security specific settings for your devices in Intune
    • Reports: Reports of configuration status, Windows updates, failed policies and much more
    • User: Direct access to all users in Entra ID
    • Groups: Direct access to all groups in Entra ID
    • Tenant Administration: Link to intune relevant tenant settings
  2. Tenantname
  3. Intune Status
  4. Notifications and account options
  5. Intune News and Customer Success
  6. Documentations and Trainings

First Steps

  • Add Domain to Microsoft 365 Tenant
    • Theoretically, Intune would also work without this step, but only with the fallback domain (
  • Assign Licences
    • With dynamic or alternatively static Entra ID Groups.
  • Create Company Branding in Entra ID and Intune
    • This is relevant for setupscreens on Autopilot devices, and in Company Portal

The Groups

  • Create groups that will later be used as assignment groups for configurations, compliance, and apps.
    • AZ-D-Autopilotdevices-Standard: Dynamic group with all Windows Autopilot devices
      • Only available for Entra ID P1 license and above
    • AZ-S-ConfigurationProfiles-Standard: Static group for standard configurations
    • AZ-S-CompliancePolicy-Standard: Static group for standard compliance policy
    • AZ-S-WindowsUpdate-Standard: Static group for standard Windows Update ring
    • AZ-S-WindowsApps-Standard: Static group for all standard apps (Win32 + MS Store)

That’s it

Now you’re ready to get started with Intune. Next, we’ll proceed with preparations for the enrollment process, including Windows Autopilot. I’ve described these for you in the next post.